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This post may very well be a death sentence as far as my career is concerned. Some companies need to be called out on their BS. Looking for a job near the Philadelphia area? I have noticed during my time in Philadelphia that there is a group of companies that are always hiring and never really growing. If you are a recruiter, take note, you might want to give up on trying to fill positions for these companies.

The following is MY OPINION of some shops that should probably be avoided because they always seem to be hiring and do not seem to be growing:

  • Monetate – a very `startup like` company, that is at least 5 years old. Open office, very noisy office. They are very active in the developer community. Honestly, they seem like they operate on VC money and are not making a profit.
  • CoreDial – I get emails from recruiters about once a year, always looking for an entry level PHP developer
  • SevOne – every time a recruiter has contacted me, they state that this company is under new ownership and everything has changed. Why does this company keep getting sold?
  • – free energy drinks apparently aren’t enough to get them iOS and Android devs
  • I have no relation to these companies, I have never worked at any of them. For all I know they are great companies that just can not find the employees they want. I have also been in this industry for a while and I have pretty good instincts.

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